United Nations Geneva - Qatar Hall XIX

"The alluring nuances of the Qatar sand, the black starry sky of the desert, the bright light of the Middle East; this is the Qatar Hall XIX, a precious jewel in the very heart of the Palace of Nations in Geneva."

In autumn 2018, Michael Møller, Director-General of UN Geneva and H.E. Ali Khalfan Al-Mansouri, Permanent Representative of the State of Qatar in the United Nations, Geneva, signed an agreement on the renovation of the Hall, to be entirely financed by Qatar. “We are very grateful to the State of Qatar for their generous donation, which will allow us to renovate one of the biggest rooms of the Palais des Nations. Delegates from all over the world will benefit from this donation by being able to work in a more efficient and conducive conference environment,” said Director-General Møller at the signing ceremony. “The State of Qatar’s contribution to the renovation work at the Palais des Nations comes as part of the great interest Qatar attaches to its strategic partnership with the United Nations and the relentless and unwavering support it has been providing to the Organization’s activities,” said Ambassador Al-Mansouri. “This donation, in recognition of the UN’s tremendous efforts, is also in line with Qatar’s commitment to achieve the UN’s goals and emphasises Qatar’s continued efforts in support of a better and brighter future for all. We are confident this renovation will create more favourable working conditions for representatives of the international community.” Qatar’s generous donation will contribute to the realization of the Strategic Heritage Plan, which will lead to the complete renovation of the Palais des Nations by 2023.

To develop the renovation, H.E. Ali Khalfan Al-Mansouri and CCM President Dott. Marinoni signed an agreement on the 2nd August 2018 with CCM as the General Contractor of the project.


The Permanent Mission of the State of Qatar in Geneva

Ambassador: H.E. Ali Khalfan Al-Mansouri


Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Qatar


Peia Associati


CCM srl


CCM as the General Contractor for the full and complete renovation project had the following scope of works to be completed within 12 Months of the start of the Project:

Engineering and realisation of the Project and Design provided by Peia Associati.

Matteograssi was proud to have been the supplier of all the furniture within HAll XIX including the incredible Seating solution from Peia Associati known as the "Alnilam".