Coach Hide

Coach Hide

Cuoio Miura (CM). Coach hide . It is produced from bullskin exclusively of European origin. The part normally used is the back, thickness is from 2,2 to 2,4 mm. It is chrome and vegetable tanned, dyed in the tub with pure aniline and finished with polyurethane pigments.

At Matteograssi, soft leather and coach hide leather are still processed almost completely by hand. Thus, on the shelves and workbenches at the company, together with the latest modern equipment you can see the traditional tools employed by preceding generation in their work.

Using these instruments, the hands of the Matteograssi craftsmen repeat the exact same operations that were performed over a hundred years ago.

At Matteograssi, the concept of an “assembly line” is still unknown, and the sophisticated computerised technologies that predominate in today’s industrial production are only used to perform a few processing steps such as cutting and splitting, since machines can carry out these operations more precisely and efficiently than people.

Cutting and splitting are performed to shape the coach hide or soft leather into the form and thickness required by each piece.

Pieces that require shaping are pre-moulded, while others are sewn, according to their design. Next, the prepared pieces are fit onto the frame, which is the most delicate and most important step in the entire production process.

Then, the piece is finished in a number of steps that include finishing the edges, which are cut, smoothed, rounded, coloured and polished.

Finally, the completed single parts are assembled.

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Custom Colours

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