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Information pursuant to art. 13 D. LGS. 196/2003

Dear user,

In application of the legislation on the processing of personal data referred to in Legislative Decree 30.06.2003, n. 196 - Code regarding the protection of personal data (hereinafter, for the sake of brevity, "Privacy Code"), in relation to the data that you will voluntarily provide to Matteograssi s.r.l., by sending the email to the above email address or by filling in the form above and by sending the related data, the aforementioned Firm, in its capacity as Data Controller, provides the following information, pursuant to and for the purposes of art. 13 Privacy Code.


1.1 - In order to facilitate the reading of this document, some definitions of the law are provided, referring to the official website of the Guarantor (accessible at the URL: and to the official texts of the current legislation as far as not expressly provided:

 reatment: any operation or set of operations, carried out even without the aid of electronic tools, concerning the collection, registration, organization, storage, consultation, processing, modification, selection, extraction, the comparison, use, interconnection, blocking, communication, dissemination, cancellation and destruction of data, even if not registered in a database;

Personal data: any information relating to a natural person, identified or identifiable, even indirectly, by reference to any other information, including a personal identification number;

Identification data: personal data that allow the direct identification of the interested party;

Sensitive data: personal data suitable for revealing racial and ethnic origin, religious, philosophical or other beliefs, political opinions, membership of parties, trade unions, associations or organizations of a religious, philosophical, political or trade union nature , as well as personal data suitable for revealing the state of health and sexual life;

Judicial data: personal data suitable for disclosing provisions referred to in Article 3, paragraph 1, letters from a) to o) and from r) to u), of the Presidential Decree November 14, 2002, n. 313, in the matter of criminal records, the register of administrative sanctions depending on the crime and the related pending charges, or the capacity of accused or suspected person pursuant to articles 60 and 61 of the criminal procedure code;

Owner: the natural person, the legal person, the public administration and any other body, association or organization which is responsible, even jointly with another owner, for decisions regarding the purposes, methods of processing personal data and the tools used, therein including the security profile;

Responsible: the natural person, the legal person, the public administration and any other body, association or body appointed by the owner to the processing of personal data;

Persons in charge: the natural persons authorized to carry out processing operations by the owner or manager;

Interested party: the natural person to whom the personal data refer;

Communication: giving knowledge of personal data to one or more specific subjects other than the

interested party, the owner's representative in the State, the manager and the persons in charge, in any form, including by making them available or consulting;

Dissemination: giving knowledge of personal data to undetermined subjects, in any form, including by making them available or consulting.

Methods of collection and nature of the data processed

2.1 - The data that may be collected in the following ways:

a) by sending an email to the address indicated above

b) filling out the form above and sending the related data

c) Cookie policy and acceptance thereof, referring to the Cookie Policy which can be found here XXX

2.2 - The data collected according to the method sub 2.1.a) will consist of the sender's email address, the content of the email and any attachments,

2.3 - The data collected according to the modality sub 2.1.b) will consist of the information collected through the form (name and surname, company name, subject and content of the message. These data will be considered voluntarily provided by the interested party - also with reference to lawfulness of their use if they do not refer to the interested party -, based on the conclusive behavior constituted by the compilation of the form or by sending the e-mail message.

2.4 - The data that will be provided must be limited to common data, the sending of sensitive or judicial data being expressly prohibited.

2.5 - In this regard, please do not include sensitive or judicial data in the email or attachments.

Otherwise, without this implying any responsibility for the Data Controller, the latter will arrange for the destruction, in the absence of prior written consent from the interested party to be sent

2.6 - By entering the email address of the person with whom to share the advice, the interested party declares that he or she can lawfully use this data for the necessary purposes, relieving the

Owner of any harmful consequences of any kind.

Purpose of the processing and consequences of refusal

3.1 - The data voluntarily provided by the interested party in the manner indicated in point 2 will be used exclusively for the purpose of verifying the email received or responding to the request for information, possibly sharing it with the person indicated.

3.2 - The consent to the provision of the aforementioned data is mandatory. The refusal, in whole or in part, incorrect or not in accordance with the truth, may imply the inability of the Owner to provide adequate and correct feedback.

Methods of processing

4.1 - The processing of data will be based on compliance with the principles of correctness, lawfulness, transparency, protection of the privacy and rights of the interested party.

Scope of access by the owner's organizational structure

5.1 - Within the organizational structure of the Data Controller, the persons expressly appointed as Appointees or Managers with reference to the aforementioned purpose may have access to the personal data of the interested party.

Circulation of data: dissemination and communication

6.1 - The personal data, subject of this information, will not be communicated or disseminated.

Rights of interested parties

7.1 - Art. 7 of the Privacy Code recognizes the possibility for the interested party to exercise specific rights in relation to their personal data. These rights can be exercised according to the procedures set out in Articles 8 and 9 of the Privacy Code. The Data Controller will promptly reply to the related requests on the basis of the provisions of art. 10 of the Privacy Code.

7.2 - Requests pursuant to art. 7 of the Privacy Code may be proposed, in accordance with the law, without particular formalities and, in cases of requests for mere access, even orally. In order to guarantee a faster and more complete reply, the Data Controller has provided that these are sent in writing to the Data Processor, according to the methods indicated in the following 9.2.

Duration of treatment

8.1 - The processing will last for a strictly necessary duration to reply to the email and the possible establishment of communication with the sender, without prejudice to any processing operations subsequent to the termination of the relationship and deriving from obligations established by current legislation, or from the need to manage any disputes.

Owner and manager of the treatment

9.1 - The Data Controller covered by this information is Matteograssi s.r.l. (CF / PI IT04015450168), with registered office in via Monte Grappa, 2/4 - 20060 Truccazzano (Milan), in the person of its legal representative p.t.

9.2 - The Data Processor in charge of managing the requests pursuant to art. 7 of the Privacy Code can be contacted directly by writing to:

Dear: Matteograssi s.r.l.

c.a .: Office of the Internal Privacy Manager

subject: "Application pursuant to Article 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003" post office: via Monte Grappa, 2/4 - 20060 Truccazzano (Milan)


fax: +39 02 95 36 72 02


9.3 - The updated list of Managers is available at the headquarters of the Data Controller.

Obligations and declarations of the interested party

For all purposes of law, the owner acknowledges that the interested party, having read, understood and fully accepted this information, has consciously and voluntarily provided the data, guaranteeing its lawfulness, correctness, integrity, truthfulness and the possibility of having it available and holding it fully harmless from any request relating to it of any nature from third parties.

No responsibility can be attributed to the Data Controller in the event that the data provided are not lawful, correct, complete, truthful. In this regard, the Data Subject renounces as of now any action in this regard against the Owner.

The sending of the email will be considered conclusive behavior for the purposes of acknowledgment, understanding, acceptance of this clause as well as indemnification and waiver of all legal effects.

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